Never Answer Another Call...But Actually Solve Your Caller’s Needs!

Never Answer Another Call…But Actually Solve Your Caller’s Needs!

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The Only Integrated Phone Manager & Marketing Platform in America

With RPM you will:

Never Miss Another Call
Automatically Respond to Phone Calls with Text Messages
Automatically Schedule Appointments
Capture Caller Data & Drive Sales Whenever Business is Slow

What is RPM?

What is RPM?

RPM is an integrated phone management & digital marketing platform. You’ll never miss another call, you’ll solve your callers needs, and you’ll increase sales. RPM converts phone calls into text messages & automates the online appointment process. Callers get a choice of options including make an appointment online, join a waitlist, hours & location, receive specials, speak with staff or leave a message.

You’ll capture customer phone data each time they call and opt-in. Then we give you the easy-to-use tools in order to reach them and drive business via SMS text message, Digital Coupons & MMS picture message.

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The Cost of Not Answering the Phone

The Cost of Not Answering the Phone

Inbound calls are often the most valuable leads your business will receive. Missed calls are not only wasted sales opportunities, they also drive business to your competitors. In fact, 84% of callers say they would cease doing business with a company after a bad call experience.

-DialogTech 7.30.20

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Custom Voice Tree Options Include:

  • Schedule an Appointment (sends a text for your online booking platform)

  • Get a Special Offer
  • Hours & Location
  • Leave a Message
  • Speak With Someone Live
  • Current Specials
  • Vendor & Salesperson Screening
  • Job Opportunities

With a Custom Designed Voice Tree, You Will:

  • Save on Staff Expense
  • Reduce Live Calls by up to 80%
  • Never Miss Another Call
  • Please Your Callers by Efficiently Handling Their Needs

RPM is Comprehensive & Versatile

  • Caller Statistics
  • Multi-Menu Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Store Open/Closing Dynamic Messaging
  • Voicemail w/Transcription & 1 Click Call Back
  • Automatically Send Any Online Location (url) via Text Message

Your Phone Manager Needs to do More than Just Answer the Phone

  • Capture Caller Data
  • Send Text Blasts When Business is Slow (MMS or SMS)
  • Automated Texts (Marketing While You Sleep)
  • Digital Coupons
  • Review Generation & Star Rating Improvement

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Digital Referral Program

It Needs to Drive Sales!

Send Text Blasts Directly to Your Customers

The most intimate and effective form of communication & your customers are waiting to receive them!

Automated Text Message Marketing

Marketing While You Sleep

Dynamic Digital Coupons

  • Fully Customizable
  • Track When Coupons are Issued, Redeemed and Shared

  • Viral Sharing Capabilities
  • Social Media Integration

Improve Your Review Numbers & Star Ratings with Our Foolproof System

Typical results are a 22% increase in total number of reviews and nearly a 1-star rating jump

How Does RPM Stack Up?

$3.00 – $4.00 per Call*

$2.00 – $3.00 per Call*

$1.00 per Call*

.30¢ per Call*

*Based on 1000 calls per month


RPM 2.0 Starter Package: $299/mo

Includes 1000 Calls per Month
Includes 2000 Marketing Texts per Month
  • RPM Phone Text Messages Included

  • 1-Click Callback Included

  • Marketing Platform Included

  • Calls Over 1000 = .30¢/call

  • Texts Over 2000 = .10¢/text

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60 Day Unconditional Guarantee